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 BrokenMUGEN HD recommended sprites types

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PostSubject: BrokenMUGEN HD recommended sprites types   Sat Dec 12, 2009 2:00 am

There is 2 types of sprites included in BrokenMUGEN HD engine :

We have invented HR2 format to have a good rendering when we rework old chars (LR filtered/redrawed & HR) because we want they fit perfectly (same DPI) with our HD 960 stages. HR2 chars are smaller than HD ones but they don't pixellisate at all in HD res and fit well (scale rendering) with all the wide stages we release.

HR2 sprites have a usual native height between 200 and 300 pixels. Some chars very small (chibi/taru) can be smaller (150 pixels) and some others chars (boss or big chars like blackheart) can go up to 400 pixels height.
Winmugen HR/plus can't display HR2 chars (insufficient DPI).
The first HR2 char worldwide (HR2_Red_Mage_Elvaan) have been created by us and included in BrokenMUGEN HD Engine beta 1, released the 27 march 2009 on

HD sprites have a usual native height between 350 and 500 pixels. Some char very small (chibi/taru) can be smaller (250 pixels) and some others chars (boss or big chars) will can go up to 700 pixels height.
There is very few sprites available for natives HD chars (final fantasy XI and blazblue only, for the moment).
The first HD char worldwide (HD_Paladin_Elvaan) have been released by us for BrokenMUGEN HD Engine beta 2, the 09 august 2009.
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BrokenMUGEN HD recommended sprites types
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