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 HD EVE screenpack by DJ-Van

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HD EVE screenpack by DJ-Van Empty
PostSubject: HD EVE screenpack by DJ-Van   HD EVE screenpack by DJ-Van EmptyWed Nov 11, 2009 8:03 am

The first HD 720 screenpack for Mugen RCx have been released by DJ-Van :

HD EVE screenpack by DJ-Van Titleuy
Menu screen (downsized).

Its muh birfday

So I'm releasing the updated EVE for the new M.U.G.E.N. A lot of things are unfinished as of v.77 so I'll just list them:

-Redo VS font..?
-Do victory screen
-Add animations to various sections
-Add hidden row to select
-Redo select icons
-New music...?
-Fix title ".:" so that its stationary
-Fix fonts so they display more than one person
-Other stuff I forgot

This is still a work in progress and its only compatible with the new RC M.U.G.E.N Its meant to run at 1280x720

Installation is simple. Simply overwrite the data & font folders in a fresh copy of the new M.U.G.E.N. Don't delete the folders in the mugen folder just drag and drop the ones from this download into the folder and click yes to anything that it prompts to overwrite

HD EVE screenpack by DJ-Van Selectk
Select screen (downsized).

HD EVE screenpack by DJ-Van 64927700
VS screen (downsized).


(DJ-Van MI space)
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HD EVE screenpack by DJ-Van
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